Character Sketch

Scout is a different kind of girl. She is smart because she learns to read before she starts school. She is brave because she fights with boys and isnt even afraid. She is thoughtful too because she worries about all people no matter what kind of people they are. She is a very good girl too because she always tries to do the right thing. She is a very big tomboy. I say that because she always hangs out with the boys and tries to be like them. Instead of wearing dresses, she wears overalls. Unlike most girls that are learning manners, shes learning how to climb trees. I think that Scout is the person she is because of how she was brought up. Since hes not like other parents, he teaches her stuff without changing her character. When you are first introduced to Scout, you think shes an innocent 5-year-old girl. As time goes on, she has to deal with racial prejudice with Tom Robinson. She learns that with the bad there is always good. It just takes understanding and patients.


Letter To Boo

Newspaper Article