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The Fish and Game Club provided much recreational fun for the residents of New Auburn. It was huntin’, fishin’, and outdoors for people to enjoy.

The Fish and Game Club started in 1962. The first members bought a farm with 255 acres. Then later they bought an extra 40 acres. The Fish and Game Club provided public hunting, fishing, and hikes. They made deer habitats, trout habitats, and stream improvements; they planted trees, and water foul habitat. The DNR came and blew holes for duck ponds and fish cribs. The Fish and Game Club also raised pheasants every year and released them in the Fall for season.

The Fish and Game Club also had a Canada Goose project. They bought 35 geese from Mr. Duvall on Long Lake. They then took the geese and put them in a fenced in area at the Skaw’s. The Fish and Game Club furnished the money to feed the geese while the Skaw's raised them.

The Fish and Game Club did some community projects as well. Every year at Christmas time they put a big tree in the middle of Main Street, and lit it up. They bought candy for kids during Halloween.

The Fish and Game Club is responsible for the athletic field at the school. They got a grant to build the field.

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