New Auburn Friend of Education Award

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The purpose of the New Auburn Friend of Education Award is to publicly recognize significant service to the students of the School District of New Auburn by individuals, businesses or organizations.


  1. An individual, business, or organization that has made a significant contribution of time, talents, or funds which greatly affects student learning, opportunities, achievement or athletics, or to the district in general.
  2. Those nominated shall be positive role models in conduct and character.
  3. Current employees of the School District of New Auburn are ineligible.
  4. Former employees of the School District of New Auburn may be considered based on service to the school district outside of their course of employment with the District.


  1. Anonymous nominations shall not be accepted.
  2. Only completed nominations received by the deadline shall be considered.
  3. Completed nomination forms should be retured to the


School District of New Auburn

704 N. East Street

New Auburn, WI  54757


no later than March 17, 2017.


  1. Nominations may be made posthumously.
  2. Receipt and disposition of each nomination shall be reported to the nominator by the committee.


  1. The committee shall review and discuss all nominations received.
  2. The committee shall vote on each nominee by secret ballot.  Names of nominees and results of ballots shall be considered confidential.  Name(s) of recipient(s) shall be considered confidential until officially announced. (Recusal for votes on family members—define family).
  3. The committee shall determine the number of awards that may be given in any one year.  (For example, the committee may decide to honor one individual, one business, and one organization in the same year).
  4. The committee may decide that no award to be given in a particular year.
  5. All nominations shall be kept on file for a period of five years.  In the event a nominee does not receive an award the first year he/she is nominated, the nomination shall automatically be reconsidered for the next four years.  It is possible that one individual could have several different nominations in the file at any given time.
  6. The committee shall notify the recipients of the award.
  7. The committee shall notify the nominators of each nominee.
  8. The committee shall make a public announcement of the award.


  1. The award recipient(s) shall receive a framed certificate.
  2. The award recipient(s) will be honored with a plaque on display in the New Auburn School Building.


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  • 704 N East Street, New Auburn, WI 54757
  • Phone: 715-237-2202 | Fax: 715-237-2350
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