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What is School Counseling in New Auburn?

School counseling is the process of helping students by assisting them in making decisions and changing behavior. School counseling is designed to be a preventive activity or intervention which meets the immediate needs and concerns of students. It addresses academic, personal/social, and/or career concerns and can take two forms: Individual or Group.

As part of my role as a school counselor, I teach classes to all students K-6. The class is usually called Guidance Class. In the classes that I teach, it is my goal to help all students develop the academic, personal/social, and vocational skills needed to experience school success.Just like math, reading, science, and social studies teachers, school counselors must help students meet specific learning benchmarks.

In high school, the focus is on preparing for the future. I work with mostly juniors, seniors and their parents to establish plans and goals to be successful. I assist students with college applications, scholarships, and looking at all of the students’  options so they make a decision that they are comfortable with. Also I am available to help students with the ups and downs of high school.



As a counselor, I believe it is important to provide every student with a safe and confidential environment. This helps to build trust between us and the students. This means that we will not discuss anything said by any student during counseling meetings unless we find out that the student has been hurt by someone or if the student desires to hurt someone or themselves. We can speak in general terms about the general nature of the counseling meetings. However, we will not discuss any specific conversation or activity that took place. We do encourage students to talk with their parents about discussions in the counseling environment at home.

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