Youth Options Program

The New Auburn School District tailors our Youth Option’s Program to the specific needs of the individual student.  During junior year scheduling conferences, students will meet with advisors and create schedules according to their specific post-secondary program requirements.  We have access to 45+ in-network, distance learning courses as well as thousands of online courses.

We have had students take classes from NTC, WITC, CVTC, MATC, UW Colleges Online, UW Extension, UW Eau Claire, UW Barron County, UW Platteville, UW River Falls, UW Madison and PENN State. 



The post-secondary Youth Option’s Program is reserved for 11th and 12th grade students for the purpose of taking one or more post-secondary courses at an institution of higher education.


For details, please see Student Resources Personnel.  Students interested must make their wishes known by March 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester. 


Prerequisites: All Distant Learning and Online Courses

1)  Must rank in the upper half of their class.

2)  Must be in good academic standing.

3)  Must display a high maturity level as evidenced by no record of academic or other misconduct.

4)  Must have outstanding attendance patterns.

5)  Must possess excellent oral, written, and interpersonal skills.

6)  Must be self-responsible and independent learners who consistently meet deadlines.

7)  Typing or word processing skills recommended.


Youth Option’s and College Credit Stats for the last 3 years.

1) 1/3 of the Class of 2013/14 graduated having earned an average of 18.6 college credits each.

2) 1/3 of the Class of 2014/15 graduated having earned an average of 12.3 college credits each

3) 2/3 of the Class of 2015/16 graduated having earned an average of 18.2 college credits each.

4) In the last 3 years, students from New Auburn High School have earned a total of 570 college credits!


2016-17 Youth Options Course Catalog (PDF)

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